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Just hit the dock after an epic day?

Finally land that species you’ve been chasing for years?

Returned from a mind-blowing international adventure?

Decided to take a shore dive for dinner?


Here at Spearing Magazine we look at the sport of spearfishing a bit differently.

The Fish: Obviously the reason we are braving the undersea world is for fish and the fish are an important part of what drives our sport. Always looking for a new personal best, trying to land a specific species for the first time drive us as divers each time we enter the water. All these aspects are important in an article BUT…#itsnotaboutthefish

The Crew:The majority of the times, the personal bests aren’t landed; the new species elude us or the world record stays just out of range. Just because THOSE parts of the trip didn’t happen, doesn’t mean it’s not an epic trip. Epic trips are made by those we share them with. Our dive partners are always there to watch our back allow us to work as a team and give us hell at any opportunity. The camaraderie of those we dive with is truly the core of what we do and should always be included in an article.

The Prep:Whether it’s an exotic multi-day trip, a standard day trip out on the boat, kayak or from shore, the preparation for a trip plays a major factor. Include in your article how the trip was set up, the planning, the obstacles if any occurred and the anticipation is important to laying the groundwork. All spearfishermen can relate to the ups and downs of preparing for the adventure.

The Highlights: It’s just as important to include the epic fails, missed fish and bonehead moments as it is to include the trophy fish in an article. Many times it’s the funny moments of good friends making fun of each other that stand out far longer than the fish landed.

The Timeline:All trips start at the beginning and the beginning isn’t the dive when the fish was landed. Give the readers some background from the point of the alarm clock going off or sooner. With that said, it also doesn’t end with the fish in the cooler. Everything needs to be cleaned, filleted and reflected on as the day or trip comes to an end.

The Photos:We need lots of them! It’s VERY important to document a trip throughout the day. The photos tell the story visually and need to represent the day accordingly. Shoot starting first thing in the morning, loading the boat; gearing up etc. should all be included. In addition, don’t forget the landscape shots capturing the beauty and diversity of the area you’re in. Just as with the timeline, don’t forget the end of the day. Shots of filleting fish and the amazing meal they created are always important.

Most importantly, try to convey the fun in the article, that’s why we do what we do.

We want to share your adventure!

What We Need:

25-200 Hi Resolution PHOTOS(NOT SCREEN GRABS)

1500 - 2500 +++ words

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