Using Google Earth for Waypoint Management

Conner Erwin

Technology and Our Sport: Scratching the Surface Using Google Earth for Waypoint Management By Conner Erwin A recent question posted on inquired, “Is there a program out there that will allow you to put all your numbers on a map, in the proper North and West format in an “overlay” for quick reference on the boat?”  Well, the answer is an obvious yes. However, my point herein is to cover somewhat new ground, not to re-walk paths of the past. The simple answer to the question is “Use Andren,” “Use Offshore Hunter,” or “Use the OEM waypoint program that...

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On the Front Lines of Safety

Julie Richardson

On the Front Lines of Safety   “With no prior knowledge of how to perform CPR, I lightly pumped on Robert’s chest and performed rescue breathing.  When my lips touched his I could taste the blood in his mouth, and I struggled to hold back my tears.”     My Introduction to Freediving I spotted him in a mango grove at a Fourth of July party hosted by my cousin.  He looked like a Viking – tall, blue eyed, and he sported a red beard.   This was fitting, as I learned he had just been shipwrecked and at sea for three...

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“Warsaw Grouper: the Fish, the Law, and the Feast”

John Herrera

“Warsaw Grouper: the Fish, the Law, and the Feast”   By John Herrera The Fish - Laura’s Warsaw   Laura and I dropped down on a deep Palm Beach County wreck together. As usual, we forgot about each other the moment we set sight on the wreck. I meandered down the starboard side of the deck toward the stern where I had seen a twenty-something pound cubera hovering mid-water. As I peaked over the side, I saw what looked like a gag grouper slowly swimming toward the bow where the hull met the sand. Since gags were closed to harvest,...

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