The SUP Evolution

The SUP Evolution

For many spearfishermen, owning a boat is either not a plausible option or not an important desire. Many have access to great spots to spearfish directly off the beach or their own dock. In the past to get to the fish, the typical shore diver grabbed a paddle and hopped into a kayak or simply donned dive gear, walked in, and swam out from the beach. As in any sport, new products come to the marketplace and evolve. The Standup Paddle craze exploded a few short years ago and, as the sport progresses, designers are churning out increasingly innovative models. In an upcoming issue of Spearing Magazine, we will be compiling a guide to the currently available standup paddleboards (SUP’S) whose construction and layout makes them superb spearfishing platforms.

     In this issue, we highlight BOTE Board and their new HD model. The 12' BOTE HD is the next evolution in fishing and spearfishing paddleboards, with an industry-first 'Hybrid Displacement' hull. This new hull is a hybrid between Bote’s sturdy surf style hull and their slick “V”-nose-entry racing hull. By combining these two hull designs, they have achieved a surf-style board that slices through the water with the silence and speed of a race board, allowing divers to get to the reef or rock pile faster and more stealthily than ever.

The HD model BOTE Board has all the features of the classic 12' BOTE Board and can be accessorized with all the same gear.

All Decked Out… Every BOTE HD comes equipped with a high-quality SeaDek pad available in a selection of colors. BOTE HD deck pads provide superior grip and are thick and cushiony to reduce fatigue while paddling. On top of that, they also look great!

Bring it with you!.. BOTE HD‘s most noticeable unique feature is its removable fishing post. Constructed of polished marine-grade aluminum, the fishing post is extremely lightweight and installs in seconds into the recessed receivers. The post is equipped with aluminum rod holders and bag pegs to secure all your gear. Spearguns and equipment can easily be bungeed directly to the fishing post. In addition, bungees on the bow and stern are well suited for securing fins, float lines, and floats on the way out or heading back to the dock. Once you arrive at your first spot, simply slide your dive flag into one of the rod holders, clip your float line to the bungee on the bow, and go hunting. If a shark takes issue with you, the stable platform of the BOTE board gets you high and dry.

Great Minds… BOTE offers an industry-first integrated cooler system from YETI® Coolers! The YETI®, which comes equipped with a paddle clip, secures to the board using flush-mount stainless steel cleats and custom BOTE straps. No longer will you have to drag around a stringer full of fish or worry about your catch spoiling in the sun.

BOTE HD Specifications


- 12 Feet Long
- 32 Inches Wide
- 30 lbs.
- 5 Inch Variable Thickness
- Hybrid "V" Nose Entry
- 270L Volume
- EPS Foam Core
- Three Layer Deck/Two Layer Hull Fiberglass Construction



  1. Leash Plug
    2. Rear Bungee Net
    3. Fin Receiver
    4. Air Vent
    5. Fishing Post Receivers
    6. Yeti® Cooler Cleats
    7. Recessed Carry Handle
    8. SeaDek® Traction Pad
    9. Double Concave Bottom
    10. Nose & Tail Bungee Net
    11. Balsa Stringer



Max-Weight: 350 lbs.
Age Group: 12+ Years
Speed: Fast*
Stability: Excellent*

*Compared to boards of Similar Sizes

Written by Kyle Howard
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