Tablets on the Water

Kyle Howard

Technology and Our Sport Tablets on the Water By Conner Erwin I’m sure there is some legal language I should start this article with. Something to the effect of:  Use your brain and common sense. Don’t rely on electronics to navigate. This article is for reference only… Disclaimers aside, looking back at our last few articles we have learned how to use Google Earth to our advantage in waypoint management and for trip planning. Now that your waypoint information is organized and visual, what is the most effective way to use it? For me, that answer is taking it mobile;...

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Using Google Earth for Waypoint Management

Conner Erwin

Technology and Our Sport: Scratching the Surface Using Google Earth for Waypoint Management By Conner Erwin A recent question posted on inquired, “Is there a program out there that will allow you to put all your numbers on a map, in the proper North and West format in an “overlay” for quick reference on the boat?”  Well, the answer is an obvious yes. However, my point herein is to cover somewhat new ground, not to re-walk paths of the past. The simple answer to the question is “Use Andren,” “Use Offshore Hunter,” or “Use the OEM waypoint program that...

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