Spanish Mackerel with Sicilian Salsa

Justin Townsend

The Story of the Fish by Will Liffick Shipwrecks, Sharks, and Spanish Mackerels The cool morning air brushed past us as we cut through the glassy surface of the water. We were bound for the Marquesas, a small group of uninhabited islands just 30 miles west of Key West, Florida.  Grouper season was quickly coming to an end and we wanted to shoot a few more before the end of the season. Winter in Key West is the best time of year, the water temperature drops and most of the weather lays down. The day began as a cool morning, but...

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“Center for Fishing”

Malina Zacker

“Center for Fishing” By Malina Zacker     Do you remember your first great fishing memory? I do.   I was five years old on a dock holding up my first flattie (flounder). My dad taught me to break open the muscles I pulled off the dock and hook them for bait. Sometimes it seemed like hours that I waited for a fish to snatch the hook from my line knotted around a stick I used as a pole. Those were the days! That one memory is the catalyst that has fueled my love for fishing and the water. I...

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“Warsaw Grouper: the Fish, the Law, and the Feast”

John Herrera

“Warsaw Grouper: the Fish, the Law, and the Feast”   By John Herrera The Fish - Laura’s Warsaw   Laura and I dropped down on a deep Palm Beach County wreck together. As usual, we forgot about each other the moment we set sight on the wreck. I meandered down the starboard side of the deck toward the stern where I had seen a twenty-something pound cubera hovering mid-water. As I peaked over the side, I saw what looked like a gag grouper slowly swimming toward the bow where the hull met the sand. Since gags were closed to harvest,...

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