“Center for Fishing”

“Center for Fishing”

By Malina Zacker



Do you remember your first great fishing memory? I do.


I was five years old on a dock holding up my first flattie (flounder). My dad taught me to break open the muscles I pulled off the dock and hook them for bait. Sometimes it seemed like hours that I waited for a fish to snatch the hook from my line knotted around a stick I used as a pole. Those were the days! That one memory is the catalyst that has fueled my love for fishing and the water. I am lucky to love all fishing from hook-and-line to spearing.


Fishing can help a child build confidence and independence while teaching them to respect and preserve our marine resources. The Florida Gulf Coast Center for Fishing Foundation, Inc., a nonprofit 501(C)(3) organization, is dedicated to teaching elementary, middle, and high school students life’s lessons through angling.


The center and museum is lead by a foundation dedicated to teaching children about life through fishing, but it also offers activities for all ages of the local marine community while commemorating the past, present and future of fishing on Florida’s Gulf Coast.


A marine institute for adults features classrooms where students learn about diving, boating, marine electronics, rod building, cast netting and other fishing skills. A culinary institute offers classes taught by local chefs. Students learn about fish cleaning and cooking skills on smokers, an open pit, and grills. 

The Florida Gulf Coast Center for Fishing is so much more than an interactive museum. It is a place devoted to inspiring memories and passions in families.


The 33,000 square foot facility located in Pinellas County includes an auditorium, gallery, classroom, culinary arts, and administration buildings. Please come visit!


Florida Gulf Coast Center for Fishing & Interactive Museum

12211 Walsingham Rd.

Largo, FL 33778




Written by Malina Zacker
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